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Becoming A Foster Parent

Change A Life.

Approval Process

Initial Requirements to become a Foster Care Parent

• Applicants must be willing and available to attend up to 60+ hours of pre-service training, including CPR/First Aid, IMPACT, Medication Administration, Handle With Care, Understanding Trauma and Discipline with Care.

• Participate in a detail assessment of their home as required by the State of Georgia and hold a GA Driver’s License

• Meet age Qualification: must be 25 years of age if single or 10 years older than the foster child if married

• Can be Single, Married, Divorced, Separated or a Widow/er

• May be with or without children of their own

• May be employed or not employed, but must have a source of income

• May rent or own their home

• Must have a land line telephone and mode of transportation

• Must have a minimum of 5 approved references (with at least one family member)

• All adults living in the home (if applicable) must undergo background checks, including fingerprinting and drug screen. Determination of results for application approval is on a case by case basis.


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